Human Lab


A key difference at HumanLab is that we believe the best results are only constantly achieved if tailored to your needs and lifestyle supported by a network of qualified experts who apply best class knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry.

HumanLab founder Davide Croce has helped hundreds of people like you to achieve their fitness goals. From working with professionals of high performing companies to coaching men and women with busy lives and just want to look and feel better. Davide brings with him a decade of work experience specific to this industry.

A BSc and Msc in Sport Science and Physical Activity makes him the ideal candidate equipped with extensive knowledge in the fields of sports science.

He has been recognised by the the Swiss Association for Sports and Sports Therapy (SVGS) as rehabilitation and posture correction specialist.

Finally, he has also been recognised as spinal column therapist by health insurance companies according to the Erfahrungs Medizinisches Register (EMR)



You might have tried other programs or methods in the past with nothing to show for it.

Davide has designed, improved  and reshaped his system to make sure it provides all the knowledge, tools and support you need to achieve your desired results. With tried and tested methodologies, we know that once you start trusting our system, you’ll create the changes you never thought possible.


We’re driven by the passion to help you succeed. For us, this is more than just about a training program. 

We genuinely want to help you create lasting changes to your life. We want to help show you the methods to achieve your success because we know that it is possible. No matter where you are in your journey or what you have tried before we are determined to become the ignition you need to fuel your success.



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